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Elisa Berger, Ph.D is Principal and Executive Vice President, Database Marketing at Cross Country Computer (CCC). Elisa has been successfully helping database marketers achieve their ROI goals for nearly three decades. She earned her Ph.D. in Applied Research at Hofstra University.

Prepare Your Business Against Privacy, Postal & Tax Attacks

CCC is an active America Catalog Marketers Association member.  If you are concerned about postage regulations, programming for 12K+ tax rates under post Wayfair ruling laws and preparing your business to thrive while complying to new privacy regulations, I have … Continue reading

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Improve Customer Retention by Targeting Segments in Motion

The ever popular and highly predictive “RFM” metric provides a static point in time view of your customers by their purchase total and number of months since last purchase to date.  In general, more recent customers with higher dollars and … Continue reading

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Right Size your Database Spend

Over my career, I have frequently been asked to demonstrate how marketers can achieve the ROI from their marketing database.   While there are many ways to generate incremental revenue and cost savings, the ability to realize the desired rate of … Continue reading

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Hygiene for Modern Times

As the dominant purchase channel, the internet is causing an increase in hygiene issues.  Instead of trained data entry specialists, consumers enter their information directly.  The result is a higher incidence of foul language, typos and good data in the … Continue reading

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Ten Ideas for Triggered Emails

I recently attended the Spring NEMOA conference in Boston and one hot topic of discussion was leveraging triggered email communication based upon recent behavior for higher order rates.  Today, 20% of emails sent are triggered and the majority is “thrust” … Continue reading

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Quick Tips and techniques when using Email Append

With rising costs and being “green” on everyone’s mind, many have increased their budgetary focus on email marketing as a way of contacting and cultivating their customers.  However, not all customer email addresses are gathered at point of sale.  Email … Continue reading

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Winterberry’s Annual White Paper – Vertical Market Trends in Direct Mail 2009

Cross Country Computer, along with over 300 other industry leaders, participated in the Winterberry Group’s annual white paper survey earlier this year.  A key takeaway from this report is the evident trend from mass mailings to a more targeted approach … Continue reading

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List Rental: Modeling Choices (Non Co-Op)

Finding incremental list rental universe that performs at your desired contribution threshold is critical when optimizing new customer acquisition. Marketers renting vertical lists who want to go beyond hotline prospects or turn a mediocre list into a winner have found great … Continue reading

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