Finding the right contact is now a "moving target" challenge for today’s business marketer. Cost cutting consolidation has lead to employees “wearing more hats” and greater organizational movement than ever before. Our proprietary tools address the special needs of Business to Business. Whether you are targeting at the contact or site level, we have tailored processes to optimize every step from cleansing to deployment to reporting and beyond.

Cross Country Computer has the special skills needed to interrogate the “four line address block” and distinguish between address elements vs. name and title information. This is a critical first step needed for optimal matching used by other processes as information like business title, care of name and routing designations often get mixed across multiple address lines rendering many undeliverable if not handled properly. 

Identify, correct and classify job titles and company names to improve targeting, delivery, response and ROI with our proprietary Title and Company Name Beautification programs.

Our CCC Business Solutions will help you….

  • Better identify sites for duplication elimination and limiting contacts per business
  • Distinguish business from consumer records for varied contact strategy and the right offer to each group.
  • Identify Small Office / Home Office contacts, which can look like consumers, for proper marketing
  • Standardize business titles so that you can reach more decision makers
  • We know: People change jobs. The decision maker doesn’t necessarily make the purchase. Increased usage of web as a purchase channel makes it difficult to read results. CrossMatch™ can help!

From our best-of-breed hygiene services to our custom matching logic and database solutions, Cross Country Computer is better equipped to help B2B marketers achieve their goals.

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