The states are aggressively auditing insurers and mandating routine matching of policy holders to the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File (SSA DMF). Designed to streamline the audit process and make on-going compliance easy, with a 99%+ accuracy rate, APEARS® is currently the only commercially available solution widely used and accepted by the states.

Cross Country Computer’s more than four decades in data management enables us to help the insurance industry as it undergoes the state auditing process. We have leveraged our ability to cleanse, rehabilitate and match name and address records to identify deceased policy holders and link multiple accounts to common owners thru Transfer Agent approved householding algorithms.

The insurance industry is under unprecedented scrutiny after the high profile John Hancock settlement which left many wondering what they need to do to comply. Cross Country Computer takes the guesswork out of the process with its patented Abandoned Property Escheat Assignment & Reporting System (APEARS®) which satisfies state and audit mandates requiring fuzzy matching to the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File (SSA DMF) to identify those who are deceased. APEARS® has been successfully utilized in support of all major insurance company demutualizations in recent history and with accuracy well in excess of 99%, has the ability to exceed the requirements set forth in the ground-breaking John Hancock Global Resolution Agreement (JHGRA) as well as the subsequent Prudential and MetLife GRA/RSAs and state-specific legislation including NY’s Reg-200.

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Cross Country Computer has been instrumental in helping our clients comply with the rapidly evolving range of state death matching regulations.

Nick Nichols
Chief Operations Officer

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