Our data rehabilitation enables better aggregation and duplicate identification, saving cost and reducing miscommunication. Our automated systems improve quality and reduce cycle time leading to higher response. The end result is a better ROI and faster growth.

Let’s face it…data is dirty. Format variations, error prone data entry and lack of best practices all lead to challenges when it comes to analysis and campaign execution. Cross Country Computer understands that data is the cornerstone of analysis, strategy development and target marketing. In response, we have created MergePlusTM, a suite of products designed to “scrub” your data to ensure optimal aggregation and deliverability.

Data Hygiene and Rehabilitation

When your customer and prospect information is accurate, you will be more successful in reaching your target audience quickly and efficiently. That’s why Cross Country Computer has developed a suite of services that focuses on improving address quality, better duplicate identification and reducing postage costs for more profitable marketing campaigns.

  • Make Every Name Targeted Count!
  • Reduce postage costs and improve deliverability with CASS Certification, NCOA, LACS, Deceased, Prison and related address standardization and suppression services.
  • Remove more unwanted duplicates with our blended matching logic and our special pre-processing steps

Identify, correct and classify job titles and company names to improve targeting, delivery, response and ROI with our proprietary Title and Company Name Beautification programs.

Cross Country Computer’s ability to correctly repair addresses and improve deliverability is so widely respected that the U.S. government retained us to develop an approved set of data repair algorithms which were used to reunite the owners of lost shareholder accounts containing billions of dollars in assets.

Merge Purge

Cross Country Computer Scores High on the Key Metrics Required for a Superior Merge Purge:

  • Accuracy
  • Timeliness
  • Automation
  • Robust Reporting
  • Strategic Support
  • Simplified Pricing

Our tailored matching logic leads to better identification of duplicate records, increased deliverability and more responsive campaign files. Our solutions fulfill hundreds of campaigns annually including individual projects exceeding 50 million records.

We understand the need for speed! For each week of recency gained in the mail, response rates have been noted to increase by 1%. As such, we embrace automation within our systems to improve quality and reduce in-the-mail cycle time. Examples include our automated list-of-list reporting at the beginning of each project to conducting a comprehensive analysis of all mail files and generating a series of personalized proactive suggestions at the completion of each project, which can be used to improve your targeting and acquisition strategy.

Our USPS approved solutions help you to capture maximum postage discounts by proactively presorting mail files into a sequence that improves qualification rates and makes it easier and more cost effective for the USPS to handle and deliver. We also offer all industry standard inkjet formatting options as a result of our established relationships with all of the key printers and lettershops.

Find out how Cross Country Computer can help you achieve a higher return on investment with faster database growth. Contact us at Inquiry@CrossCountryComputer.com or 631-851-4234 to learn more.

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