List managers and owners challenged by increasing competition, lower margins and more complex demands need to find ways to improve eroding ROI. Cross Country Computer’s all inclusive turnkey list management solution can help. In addition to quick counts and speedy shipment of orders, benefit from timing savings with our automatic NextMark Select data card population feature.

Rising postal, paper and gas prices and a downturned economy are causing mailers to cut prospecting circulation and look for efficiencies. Marketers have been trending away from vertical list rental towards greater circulation with co-ops. As a result, List Managers and List Owners need to be more creative to gain and maintain share of prospect circulation. Cross Country Computer understands this dynamic and has developed a List Rental Optimization Suite that has been helping the List Management community increase profitability and better service their clients.

  • Easy Management of Multiple Lists within a single easy to use online portal
  • Automatic NextMark Datacard Updates – Life Just Got Easier!
  • Make Every Name More Valuable with data enhancements, advanced hygiene, duplicate elimination and predictive modeling
  • Robust Reporting for Easy Accounting and Greater Database Insights

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List Management

"CCC provides us with first-rate customer service and fulfillment while bringing fresh ideas and approaches to the table that enable us to truly maximize the value of our clients customer file."

Brian DeLaite
EVP, List Management Belardi/Ostroy

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