Cross Country Computer understands the challenges marketers face in this rising cost environment and the need they have to employ more sophisticated strategies to remain competitive. That is why we have focused our efforts towards enabling all marketers to become more strategic. Our products and services were designed with this goal in mind.

Database Development & Hosting
Today's economic challenges have the industry looking for value based solutions that can help turn the marketing ROI equation back in its favor. Cross Country Computer's Database Marketing Optimization Suite™ provides the insight needed to identify the best targets for your offer while streamlining processing and bundling costs for higher margin.
Unclaimed Property: APEARS®
The insurance industry is under unprecedented pressure to comply with unclaimed property regulations as state requirements become increasingly complicated. Cross Country Computer understands the complexities. Our patented APEARS® process has been helping insurance companies meet unclaimed property guidelines for over a decade.
Data Hygiene & Merge Purge
Our data rehabilitation enables better aggregation and duplicate identification, saving cost and reducing miscommunication. Our automated systems improve quality and reduce cycle time leading to higher response. The end result is a better ROI and faster growth.
Multi-Channel Matchback
The rise of new marketing and purchase channels has made it difficult to understand the true drivers of revenue. As a result, campaigns are not linked to purchases and performance is often understated leading to suboptimal decision making. CrossMatch™ is an automated reporting engine which enables marketers to understand what truly drives sales.
Email Services
As marketers turn focus to housefile cultivation, the role of email for 1:1 marketing comes in to focus. We understand the revenue potential and have tailored a suite of services called cMail™...Hygiene, Appends and Deployment for optimal deliverability and response.
List Rental Fulfillment
List managers and owners challenged by increasing competition, lower margins and more complex demands need to find ways to improve eroding ROI. Cross Country Computer’s all inclusive turnkey list management solution can help.
Strategy & Analytics
Today’s marketer needs to be more strategic and do more with less while achieving the projected profit targets. Now, more than ever, marketers turn to data and analytics to provide them with the answers to guide their marketing budget for maximum ROI. Cross Country Computer’s industry experts analyze data and turn findings into actionable solutions for today’s business challenges.