Cross Country Computer knows that while there can be similarities, not every business has the same goals or uses the same metrics to measure success and ROI. Our expert staff understands the special needs of each vertical that we service.

Retail & Catalog Understanding the life cycle of each customer segment enables marketers to send the right messages, to the right audience... at the right time. Cross Country Computer was founded on solutions designed for retailers and catalogers. Over the past 35 years, we have advanced our offering to successfully address evolving needs and new channel requirements.
Insurance Industry The states are aggressively auditing insurers and mandating routine matching of policy holders to the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File (SSA DMF). Designed to streamline the audit process and make on-going compliance easy, with a 99%+ accuracy rate, APEARS® is currently the only commercially available solution widely used and accepted by the states.
Business to Business Finding the right contact is now a "moving target" challenge for today’s business marketer. Cost cutting consolidation has lead to employees “wearing more hats” and greater organizational movement than ever before. Our proprietary tools address the special needs of Business to Business. Whether you are targeting at the contact or site level, we have tailored processes to optimize every step from cleansing to deployment to reporting and beyond.
Consumer Communication and data capture now spans a variety of methods where knowing what is and isn't working can be difficult to measure. Cross Country Computer’s solutions enable marketers to find the best consumer targets and ensure marketing budgets are optimized for better response and a higher profit margin.
Publishing The paperless movement has changed the way publishers conduct business. Apps and on-line subscriptions are replacing hard copy newpapers and magazines. A wealth of free on-line information has reduced the need to pay. As publishers tailor their products for a new enviornment, Cross Country Computer is here to help with solutions that leverage our data management expertise and provide the hygiene, insight and campaign management needed to generate profits.
List Management List managers and owners challenged by increasing competition, lower margins and more complex demands need to find ways to improve eroding ROI. Cross Country Computer’s all inclusive turnkey list management solution can help. In addition to quick counts and speedy shipment of orders, benefit from timing savings with our automatic NextMark Select data card population feature.
Advertising Agencies Advertising Agencies are being forced to do more with less as a result of their clients’ budgetary cuts and reciprocal downsizing. Demonstrating the effectiveness of marketing strategies is critical for long-term client retention. Cross Country Computer is an extension of your team, helping to demonstrate the effectiveness of your strategies and seemlessly filling in the missing pieces.
Human Resources The need to switch benefit providers is increasing as employers try to control rising insurance costs and offer a range of benefit options that meet employee needs. Cross Country Computer is here to help you ensure a seamless transition and migration from one platform to the next.
Financial Services Communication and data aggregation in the financial sector has to be correct. Poor data quality can lead to dormancy resulting in unclaimed property, incorrect householding, erroneous reporting and costly returned mail. Cross Country Computer uses sophisticated algorithms to securely rehabilitate your data, streamline your internal business processes and ensure better customer contact.