The need to switch benefit providers is increasing as employers try to control rising insurance costs and offer a range of benefit options that meet employee needs. Cross Country Computer is here to help you ensure a seamless transition and migration from one platform to the next.

The cost of healthcare and related insurance programs is on the rise. This has left employers evaluating and re-evaluating employee programs which often results in a need to change benefit providers and transition between plans. Cross Country Computer is here to help make this a seamless and stress-free process migrating Health & Welfare, Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit data from system to system.

We can even design hosted or packaged applications to manage conversions in an automated fashion without requiring human intervention. Our ‘Intelligent Middleware’ integrates data validation and repair algorithms to improve data quality in addition to mapping fields between formats. Integrated quality checks scan for anomalies and built-in escalation procedures automatically notify key stakeholders. Used within our other business lines or as a stand-alone application, our solutions shorten turnaround, improve quality, reduce liability and increase profitability.

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