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Our Database Marketing Optimization Suite™ puts strategic marketing within the reach of all companies by allowing users to design the optimal contact strategy by segment and measure the success of budgetary spend.


Our data management and unclaimed property expertise provides insurers with a proven process that exceeds Social Security Administration Death Master File (SSA DMF) fuzzy matching requirements for state mandated compliance.


Cross Country Computer's MergePlus™ delivers hygiene, appends, data rehabilitation and merge purge for better aggregation and cost saving duplicate identification.


Email is the most cost effective means of 1:1 marketing today.  Cross Country Computer's cMail™ delivers hygiene, appends and cross-channel deployment to reach your target audience with relevant messaging.



Attributing revenue to marketing spend is complicated making strategy evaluation difficult. CrossMatch™ marries the order placer to historical promotions to determine which offers prompted a given purchase for better decisions.



List Management Optimization Suite

Cross Country Computer's List Management Optimization Suite provides quick counts, easy fulfillment, auto data card updates and robust reports that save time and money for more profitable rental income.



Doing business in today’s rising cost environment has added to an already complex dynamic. Cross Country Computer specializes in bringing strategic solutions within the reach of all companies seeking to evolve their methods and turn the ROI equation back in their favor. Our industry experts and robust data management solutions make it easier for marketers to acquire, retain and develop valuable customers. Our core competencies extend beyond traditional consumer applications to include a wealth of innovative best-of-breed solutions specific to the challenges of business to business marketers, as well as a range of Unclaimed Property solutions targeted to the Insurance and Financial Services sectors.

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Cross Country Computer Celebrates First Year in New Building

July 13, 2016 marked CCC's first year in our new building. What a great year it has been! Clients and employees enjoyed the new facility. The number of marketing database accounts that we manage and host doubled in 2016. As a result, we increased our team by 20% with increases in account services, production programming, data entry, database development and marketing analysis. This follows a three year growth spurt where the CCC workforce has been steadily growing each year for a total of 48% since 2014!

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